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RDSI's multi-screen Multi-purpose Reconfigurable Training System for Electronic Warfare Support (MRTS-ES) is currently being installed at US Navy SubSchool (NSS) in Groton, CT and other locations across the country. With its six 20" LCD touch-screen monitors, MRTS-ES provides enough display space for full AN/WLR-8 tactical receiver emulation.


  • Standard top-of-the-line desktop PC
  • Six 20" LCD flat-panel touch-screens
  • Trackball
  • Independently adjustable screen angle
  • Built-in stereo sound and headphone jack
  • Uninterruptable power supply (UPS)
  • Rugged military-grade steel cabinet
  • Easy mobility with casters and leveling feet
  • Fully supported by RDSI's EWPro™ Electronic Warfare training software
  • Windows XP and Linux compatible




+ Product Specifications


EWPro™ is RDSI's Electronic Warfare simulation and training software. It combines scenario editing and scenario playback with tactical equipment emulation.


  • Scenario Editing
  • Real-time Scenario Playback
  • AN/WLR-8 Receiver Emulation
  • Type 18 Early Warning Receiver Emulation
  • AN/SLQ-32 Receiver Emulation
  • AN/ULQ-16 Pulse Analyzer Emulation
  • Real-time synchronized receiver audio through a standard PC soundcard, based on scenario conditions, not pre-recorded
  • Integrates with existing training systems via HLA or system-specific protocols
  • Interfaces with real receiver equipment via M/Pulse
  • Independent or group training
  • Support for a single 1024x768 (or larger) screen
  • Independent or group training
  • Multi-screen support for the MRTS-ES
  • Runs under Microsoft Windows on a standard PC

[ Download EWPro™ spec sheet ]


"Since its inception, 30 years ago, RDSI’s commitment to training has continued to increase as the global threat becomes greater.  RDSI’s continued investment in our  EWProTM  software provides Fleet Training Commands with a tool to ensure that the warfighter is prepared for the unexpected, as they are called upon to do more and more, many times in unchartered environments .”




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SigRec™ is an easy-to-use low-cost alternative to EWPro™ for Electronic Warfare signal recognition training. It combines a signal list with an Oscilloscope and AN/ULQ-16 pulse analyzer emulator for analysis of signals. Signal audio is also generated through a standard PC soundcard.


  • Straightforward User Interface
  • Digital Oscilloscope emulator
  • AN/ULQ-16 emulator
  • Real-time signal audio from standard PC soundcard (generated on the fly, not pre-recorded)
  • Runs under Microsoft Windows

[ Download SigRec™ spec sheet ]





+ Product Specifications



  • Up to 32 simultaneous independent signals per system
  • Wide range of RF, PRI, PW and Scan parameters
  • Video Generation
  • Pulse Stretched Audio Generation
  • RF Generation with the EWTS-()R
  • IF Generation with the EWTS-()I
  • RS-422 interface for AN/SLQ-32 training port
  • Proven performance with the AN/ULQ-16, AN/SLQ-32, AN/WLR-8, AN/WLR-1, AN/ALQ-99, AN/USQ-149, and AN/BLQ-10
  • Interfaces with any receiver system
  • Standalone operation with EWPro™
  • Integrates with existing training systems

[ Download M/Pulse spec sheet ]